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Yep good stuff

Amazing product

Really it’s a amazing product

Best clay mask ever!

My skin is really oily and this clay mask works so well with cleansing my skin and getting rid of the excess oil, my skins complexion is much more brighter. This product is essential to every mans skincare routine.

Excellent product

Just started using the clay mask , following the routine x3 per week. It’s leaving my skin smooth and silk like baby’s bum.

A must for the fellas!!!

Loved the product and skin felt incredible after use. Been using for a month now and skin has improved and feels great. Love the application and you feel like you have done something good to your skin afterwards, not feel like you have burnt a layer of skin off! Highly recommended

Phenomenal Product! 10/10

This mask is an absolute game changer! I honestly could not believe how good my skin looks and feels and I've gotten so many compliments it's actually ridiculous. About to purchase my third jar - highly recommend!

A must have!

I've been using this clay mask for 6 weeks now and my skin hasn't looked this good in years. My black heads have reduced and my skin is feeling smooth and clean. This is a must product to add to your skin care routine!

This works wonders on my skin

I regularly get pimples and a build up of sweet on my face and this clay mask works wonders, it unclogs my pores and it relieves my face of pimples. The best addition to my skincare routine!

Incredible what it did to my skin

In a month I’ve seen amazing results! My acne prone skin is clearing up, my pimples have pretty much gone, and my skin is smooth!

The best mask on the market 🔥💙

The men at sadaman have the skincare market down. My skin has never felt or looked healthier 👏🏽💙

Australian Blue Clay Mask
Taylor Diamond-Lord

Cannot speak highly enough of this product. It’s become a staple in my weekly freshen up. Massive ups to the Sadamen team for changing the skincare game.

Australia Blue Clay Mask.

I absolutely love this mask. I’ve tried so many masks and have never been satisfied, but this is a total game changer! My skin looks & feels incredible when I use this mask. I’d highly recommend this to anyone! You won’t be disappointed. Thank you Sada Men. 💜

Glowing skin!

Great easy to use face mask. Great value. Makes my skin glow


The product is actually very good… It’s only been 2 weeks since I’ve been using it and everyone have already made comments on my skin !
After 2 months travelling and not looking after my skin as I’d normally do, coming back and start using Blue clay mask was all I needed

So thank you 🙏🏽

Great mask for men

Weekly use leaves your skin looking fresh and smooth.

Best Clay Mask On The Market

I’m obsessed with this clay mask. I love that they use native Australian ingredients and it’s great for sensitive skin.


Great mask that revitalises the skin.

Light on skin, feel cleansed and supple right after use.

Great Mask!

I love the way this mask makes my skin feel. Perfect size so it can travel with me anywhere!

Best skin care for men!

Highly recommend Sada Men, it is the perfect product to clean and cleanse the skin to prepare for the day or a night out!

Family Self Care

We are loving the SADA MEN at our house, we take time in the evening to all do a clay mask together.
The mask itself feels great, easy to apply and leaves my skin hydrated and smooth.
Thanks for the great product gents!

Such an amazing mask

Easy to apply, spreads very easily. Love the colour as well! Always a wonderful experience using this mask

100% would recommend

Love the clay mask! Texture, smell and the way it leaves your skin feeling after use is excellent! Highly recommend to anyone considering! Must have for the skincare routine

Best Clay Mask

These guys have made an absolutely awesome product. It’s so good for my skin and I feel great after every use. The company mean what they say about looking after your mental health as much as your physical and that’s a company you’d want to buy from. Highly recommend.


Great product, I use it a few times a week on my oily skin and definitely notice the difference. My skin feels less oily and definitely less congested.