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Collaboration Opportunities

Welcome to the Sada Men Team! We are so excited to have you on board, to share the love and to help Men from all walks of life with taking proper care of their skin. If you've spoken with us or are simply interested in joining our awesome team of brand ambassadors please register your details below: 

We pride ourselves on taking great care of our ambassador's skin and will be in touch shortly with how we can get some free product in your hands to say thanks for helping us out. 

We are super excited to announce our SADA & ME Content Competition to all of our loyal Kings & Queens of the brand that will be commencing in mid 2023, so stay tuned.     

We are offering the following prizes:  
$1,000 AUD Cash
One Years supply of SADA MEN Products in 2023 
SADA MEN influencer contract worth over $3000 per year


First, fill out your details below.

Content Options: 

Option 1 - Create a video of either yourself or with you, and your friends, family or partner wearing the sada men clay mask in the best public spaces around Australia (that you can come up with). This could be shopping at the supermarket, at the footy, outside the sydney opera house, ears rock, the bolder the better! We’ll be looking  for the most intimate or outrageous footage you can create. The aim is to be confident when taking care of your skin. 

Option 2 
- Create before/during/after footage of you or you and your friend, family or partner applying the Sada Men clay mask. We’re looking for the best product journey showing our network how impactful and intimate using Sada Men’s clay mask can be.  
What you need to include: 
A short video (max 45 seconds - minimum 15 seconds) to be shared as FB/Instagram  Reels and if you have an account, TikTok too.  
Static images of you using the product to be shared as posts and or stories
Include the following Tags in the video and imagery that you post: 

Once we receive your content, you will then be automatically entered into the SADA MEN giveaway and influencer program.

Every month we’re picking one lucky winner to receive a free SADA Men products. Enter your details below to lock yourself in. We will be announcing prize winners in the first week of every month. 

All you need to do is fill out your details in the form below: 

We are currently on the look out for retail partners that not only love our product but would like to form a partnership with us, so we can help each other grow and sell more of each others products/services. We take our partnerships seriously and we aim to go above and beyond to support you and your business - because, we get it, the hustle is real! 

Whether you're an online store or have a brick and mortar retail shop, every partner we work with will get regular access to our 3000+ strong community to promote their business and their products and services. We also have great wholesale pricing options so you can choose how you want to partner with us. 

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